‘Happy Companies to Work For’ Award by The World HRD Congress

Pacific Group of Companies has been winning numerous awards and accolades in different categories for many years. The team has been quite thrilled to share the news of adding another feather to our existing list. Recently, the World HRD Congress awarded the company with the ‘Happy Companies to Work For’ award.

This has made us super thrilled to strive hard towards building a more collaborative and excellent workplace that keeps the employees happy.

Having A Strong Vision Leads to Strong Workplaces

Pacific Group of Companies is renowned for our remarkable contributions towards the holistic growth of its employees. Our policy of treating their employees as a crucial part of their big family tree makes the firm quite dependable.

Our vision to create an institution with a solid foundation ensures amazing well-being and growth for everyone be it their employees, clients, and other stakeholders.

The Mission for A Growth-Oriented Culture

With an aim of using innovative solutions and high-end operational excellence, Pacific Group of Companies is a quality-conscious outsourcing partner that focuses on growing businesses globally with positive partnerships and terrific success stories.

This is done by implementing different policies & actions and creating a great environment that imparts stability, harmony, and well-being of all employees in the best way possible. Owing to its ‘People First’ approach, the company is diligently working hard to upskill our employees. This has helped us reach great heights of success and phenomenal growth for the company.

Today, Pacific Group has reached the zenith of success in different fields such as outsourced accounting and bookkeeping, software development, recruitment as well as marketing.

It’s Right Time to Be a Part of The Team

Its recent recognition as being one of the ‘Happy Companies to Work For’ showcases our dedication to creating an all-inclusive environment to enable employee satisfaction and fulfillment.

This makes the company the right firm to kickstart your career and aim for new heights.

Perfect Global Exposure

With Pacific Group of Companies, you will explore a world of global opportunities where you will get the right exposure at the beginning of your career. You will new skills to thrive in the global economy and enjoy the perfect kickstart to your career.

The global career opportunities will help you explore different horizons and allow you to pick the best domain for your career growth.

Expert Leadership

The Pacific Group of Companies offers a wide panel of expert and kind leaders who will help you climb the ladder of success. We offer sincere guidance so that you can grow in your domain and reach new levels of height.

We have vast experience in the field with which they offer valuable insights that can help you achieve your future goals.

Enjoy Work-Life Balance

By joining the Pacific Group of Companies, you will work in an environment where you can strive for work-life balance. You can progress professionally while meeting the requirements of your personal life.

With this balance, you will see a boost in performance at all the fronts of your life.

Holistic Growth

With Pacific Group of Companies, you will enjoy a culture of holistic growth where you can improve your professional and personal front.

While working in this culture, you will learn new skills and hone the existing ones grow professionally, and get the necessary time for self-discovery. You can work on your mindset and overall well-being. The supportive environment at the company encourages all the working personnel to learn and evolve continuously.

Flexible Leave Policy

One of the best things that you will enjoy while working at Pacific Group of Companies is the flexible leave policy. You can get proper leaves when it is required to achieve the work-life balance and give the necessary rest to your body and mind to re-energize.

You can complete your personal goals and give proper time to the responsibilities towards your family and loved ones. You can plan the leaves in advance so there is no last-minute hassle.


At Pacific Group of Companies, you will enjoy an environment where all genders are given equal working opportunities to grow in their respective career. The company focuses on talent rather than any other factor like gender, race, etc.

If you are talented, then you will get the right opportunity to grow and make a good living for yourself while achieving a balance on your professional and personal front.

This award is a testament to our company’s rigorous hard work. You can also check the hiring requirements on our website and join the team.

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